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XRP Lawyer Confident Of Public Interest Consideration By Judge Analisa Torres

Crypto Market News: In the wake of a renewed demand to ‘Relist XRP’ on US crypto exchanges like Coinbase, the XRP token holders await the summary judgement in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuit. On the other side, the focus of majority crypto traders is now on memecoins like Pepe Coin, as the token continues to register huge growth since launch in the last three weeks. Meanwhile, amid rising regulatory pressure around the crypto market, the XRP token holder community still holds together in anticipation of the ruling from Judge Analisa Torres in the SEC lawsuit.

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In recent times, the prolonged wait for the lawsuit Summary Judgement had a direct impact of the XRP price. Despite significant rise in crypto prices since January 1, 2023, the token did not see a proportionate increase.

XRP Lawyer Confident Of Community Strength

John Deaton, the attorney representing XRP token holders in the SEC lawsuit, expressed confidence that the community support will work in favor of Judge Torres’ decision. He made the comment in context of speculation on Coinbase listing XRP and Ripple’s XRPL using the token.

“I am confident (Judge) Torres recognizes the huge public interest and will act accordingly. I believe she shoots down the SEC’s crazy over broad theory but until we read the exact language no one can predict whether Coinbase or even Ripple will list XRP on their platforms immediately.”

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