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PEPE Coin Mimicks Shiba Inu Pattern; Which Memecoin Will Gain Upper Hand?

Crypto Market News: It would be an understatement to just say Pepe Coin amassed impressive crypto trader demand since its recent launch. The memecoin was, in fact, at one stage leading the crypto market rally following its listing on Binance. However, a PEPE Coin price surge by 34 times over the last three weeks was followed by significant correction to the 300% weekly rise after the Binance listing announcement. Interestingly, the monumental rise in value for the memecoin came at a time when the bulk of crypto tokens were suffering from weekly losses.

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Pepe Coin Vs Shiba Inu

An interesting similarity emerged when trading data for PEPE and SHIB were compared in initial days after Binance listing. The Shiba Inu memecoin was listed in the Binance innovation zone on May 10, 2021, almost two years prior to the PEPE listing. But it was the peak of the 2021 bull run scenario when Shiba Inu was listed, compared to the bearish environment in the current cycle. Yet, PEPE’s daily trading volume numbers have been almost close to that of SHIB in the first few days of Binance listing. To put it in perspective, SHIB’s first 10 days trading volume was at $2.21 billion, compared to PEPE’s $2.075 billion in the first four days.

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