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Shiba Inu Achieves Another Historic Milestone as Shibarium Launch Nears

  • Shiba Inu’s Shibarium beta hits a new milestone after transactions recently crossed the 10 million mark. 
  • The Shiba Inu network and its native token Shib are also enjoying continuous adoption and integration. 

Although the release of Shibarium has been teased repeatedly, anticipation for the Shiba Inu Layer 2 protocol
is still significantly high amongst key players in the Shiba Inu ecosystem. As the market awaits the release, the Shiba Inu network has notably hit yet another commendable milestone.

In a recent update, it was noted that Shibarium beta has made significant growth in terms of the number of transactions processed on the network. Data from Puppyscan, the dedicated blockchain explorer for Shibarium beta Puppynet, transactions completed on the network have surpassed 10 million.

At report time, total transactions have reached 10,409,664. With the increased pace at which transactions are rising, the network could hit an even higher milestone in the long term. Total blocks are also nearly one million, while wallet addresses have surged past a whopping fifteen million.

The achievement comes not long after Shibarium beta Puppynet was launched on the 11th of March. So far, utilization has increased since the launch, and market players have become even more optimistic about the mainnet launch.

Shiba Inu continues to expand as adoption and integration increase significantly

Asides from the ongoing on-chain development, Shiba Inu has recorded significant growth in the area of adoption. Other media platforms have announced the integration of the Shiba Inu token into their large customer base.

Tangem, a leading next-generation hardware wallet that stores crypto assets, is set to release a Shiba Inu-themed cold wallet. According to the announcement shared by Shiba Inu’s official Twitter handle, the values are designed to help users to secure their tokens in the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

Tangem is about to unleash SHIB-themed cold wallets! These card-shaped vaults are set to become your new best friend for safeguarding our ecosystem’s tokens. Get ready to fetch your own when pre-orders kick off on 29th May..

Similarly, NowPayments, a non-custodial crypto payment gateway, is working towards integrating Shibarium. NowPayments made this announcement a while back and showed support for Shiba Inu, Leash, and the Bone memecoin. The platform added that it offers support for Shib burn, and will allow for Shiba Inu to be accepted by businesses.

“NOWPayments is aiming to be the 1st crypto payment gateway to integrate Shibarium! We support SHIB, LEASH & BONE. We offer SHIB burn feature. We help businesses accept SHIB. We keep developing new tools for the amazing. Shibtoken ecosystem!” The announcements read.

The announcement is particularly promising for the Shiba Inu network and the Shib token because NowPayment currently allows users to accept payments in over 75 cryptocurrencies. The platform also supports auto coin conversion, which allows merchants to accept any of their preferred cryptocurrencies.

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