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ADA Bulls Bank On $1 Price Eruption As Emurgo Teams Up With Tech Giant Huawei To Boost Cardano

Cardano fans are bursting with excitement as Emurgo, a founding entity of the Cardano protocol, has joined forces with Huawei to strengthen the network’s presence and enhance its cloud-based blockchain solutions.

Cardano Onboards Huawei Cloud Infrastructure

Emurgo has announced a partnership with Huawei Cloud, one of the world’s top cloud computing companies.

According to an April 11 press release, Huawei Cloud will add support for a Cardano validator node. This strategic partnership marks a key moment for Cardano and promises to boost the blockchain’s capabilities and extend its reach.

The collaboration will bring Huawei’s formidable cloud infrastructure to the Cardano ecosystem, letting developers utilize it to develop scalable and interoperable Web3 solutions. This will result in heightened growth and adoption across Asia-Pacific and Africa.

This team-up combines Huawei Cloud’s powerful computational resources and international reach with Cardano’s blockchain technology to improve the scalability and interoperability of Cardano’s cloud services.

EMURGO CEO Ken Kodama expressed enthusiasm for the alliance, quipping:

“This collaboration converges the traction of Huawei Cloud’s trusted cloud technology with Cardano’s network of blockchain developers and Web3 solutions, representing our shared vision to accelerate Web3 adoption while enabling transparency and trust in the cloud ecosystem.” 

A notable aspect of this partnership is Cardano’s access to Huawei’s Marketplace, a platform many leading organisations utilise internationally. This integration will greatly broaden the reach of Cardano’s Web3 capabilities. 

This partnership highlights EMURGO’s commitment to cementing Cardano’s footprint across major Asian and African economies. Moreover, this milestone is the first step toward a bigger partnership between Emurgo and Huawei in the foreseeable future, which will push commercial adoption via validator nodes, events, and technological alliances.

ADA was changing hands at $0.52 at press time. After being dethroned by Telegram-linked Toncoin, Cardano now holds the 10th spot on the crypto leaderboard. However, according to popular crypto analyst Ali Martinez, nothing has changed for ADA regarding its price moves. The token is right where it should be, currently consolidating in the range between $0.52 and $0.80 before a rally to the $1.70 level.

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