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XRP Army Bank On A Massive Bull Run As Analyst Foresees Ripple Emerging as Market Leader Amid IPO Rumors

Linda P Jones, a renowned wealth mentor and pro-Ripple investor, has expressed her optimistic outlook on Ripple, the firm behind the XRP cryptocurrency.

In a recent interview hosted by Linqto, a leading private equity platform, Jones emphasized the importance of identifying future market leaders and identifying the blockchain company as a standout contender among the best.

“Anytime I look at investing in stocks, I want to know who’s going to have the number one or number two company in the space… [Ripple]is the most exciting investment opportunity and largest investment opportunity that you can usually think of.” Said Jones.

The pundit highlighted Ripple’s focus on cross-border payments and involvement in helping governments form Central Bank digital currencies as key factors contributing to its potential market leadership. She further emphasized the pivotal importance of Ripple’s robust management team, highlighting how the team plays a critical role in the company’s overall success.

I think looking at who’s the market leader, looking at the quality of management that Ripple has of course Brad Garlinghouse, Chris Larson [and] David Schwarz. I mean just an Allstar team right there and it just continues with their board of directors. I mean you just it can’t get any better than that,” she stated.

Jones also praised Ripple’s utility in providing savings to companies, both in time and money, through the XRP Ledger. She noted the advanced technology and innovation that Ripple brings to the table, describing it as disruptive to traditional banking and financial services.

Notably, the XRP Ledger (XRPL) concluded 2023 with a remarkable surge, recording an all-time high of 6.8 million daily transactions on December 30. This substantial increase from the previous record in November 2021 emphasizes XRPL’s growing significance in facilitating a burgeoning ecosystem of transactions.

Furthermore, Jones highlighted the broader trend in the industry, stating, “We are moving from having digitized communications back in the ’90s to digitizing commerce and currency.” She emphasized that this shift represents a colossal opportunity for wealth creation, surpassing the impact of the internet. In a tweet today, she affirmed her assertions writing on X, “We are still in the first inning! Digitizing commerce is a much bigger opportunity than digitizing communications (the internet) was.”

It shall be recalled that in November, Jones hinted at a potential IPO for Ripple. While Ripple has not officially declared its intention to go public, Jones expressed belief that investor pressure may lead the company in that direction by mid-May 2024.

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