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This Dogecoin Competitor is Up 100% Since April, Experts Believe It Can Do 10,000% Before December

When you talk of memecoins, Dogecoin is one of the first you remember. Memecoins began gaining popularity in 2021, when they started doing impressive numbers. Even when the bull run began waning, this peculiar crypto class still made investors happy. Now, it seems another memecoin season is before us, as newer memecoins have begun to spring up.

But among all the new memecoins, especially the self-acclaimed “Doge Killers,”, one token has caught the attention of top influential investors. This token, Pikamoon, has delivered 100% gains to its early investors and is projected to do astronomical numbers before the end of 2023. Who would want to miss such an opportunity? Definitely not you. 

Dogecoin: Is the Memecoin Predecessor Slowly Fading?

Dogecoin is synonymous with memecoins, mouth-watering profits, and probably Elon Musk. What started as a joke over 10 years ago is spearheading a relatively new kind of cryptocurrency: memecoins. Memecoins are famous for their strong communities, huge percentages, and iconic mascots, usually culled from viral internet sensations.

When $DOGE started to rally in 2021, few investors knew it would do more than 500% in just a few months. Between February and May 2021, Dogecoin delivered 1000% ROI to investors. Of course, investors who got in early got double or triple that. But now, it seems the memecoin predecessor has left its glory days behind, as it is currently trading at more than 60% below its all-time high.

With the excitement around Dogecoin fading, investors are now seriously searching for a memecoin that can give more significant returns than Dogecoin. Does such a memecoin exist? Yes, and it’s Pikamoon.

Pikamoon is a hybrid memecoin combining the best of utility and hype, allowing players and investors to enjoy long-term value from a thriving memecoin. Let’s dive into what Pikamoon has to offer. 

  • A deflationary token model

Pikamoon is a deflationary token model with a total supply that gradually reduces over time. There will be 50 billion PIKA tokens at launch, and no more will ever be mined or created. Instead, the tokens would gradually decrease as people sold or transferred them from their wallets. Deflationary tokens are hot cakes because they will become more scarce with time, benefiting early investors and holders.

  • Real rewards

Unlike many games, Pikamoon offers real rewards to players as a way to adequately compensate them for the time they spend in the game. In many games, the assets or money you accumulate are useless in the real world, but with Pikamoon, that’s not the case. You can actually spend PIKA tokens in reality once you cash them out with Pikamoon’s payment partner, Transak. When more players discover this, they will love to invite their friends, leading to tremendous organic growth.

  • Top-tier gaming experience

Pikamoon has unparalleled gaming dynamics that distinguish it from any other game. With multiple gaming modes, excellent role-player capabilities, highly immersive graphics, and a thrilling storyline, there is no limit to how popular this game can become in the next few months. Inspired by Pokemon, the Pikamoon game is the best Metaverse game for players of all ages to enjoy. Add its realistic reward system, and you have a gratifying game.

Get Ready for a 10,000% ROI

Now is your chance to join other highly profitable investors and earn up to 10000% in profits when you buy into the Pikamoon presale. 

Early investors who bought Pikamoon in April are already up 100%. But there is still time to join; buying PIKA now positions you for an easy 10,000%. By participating in the Pikamoon presale today, you can be one step closer to ticking off all your financial goals this year. Don’t miss out on the action!

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