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ShibaKeanu Announces Presale Date Aiming to Rival SHIB and DOGE

The ShibaKeanu team is excited to reveal the presale date of its eagerly awaited token, aiming to compete with major players like SHIB and DOGE in the memecoin market. This innovative project combines entertainment, philanthropy, and a robust community spirit. Notably, half of the token supply will be allocated to Keanu Reeves for charitable purposes, demonstrating a clear and purposeful roadmap.

ShibaKeanu Presale Date Revealed

After diligent preparation, the ShibaKeanu presale date has been set. This event is scheduled for March 25th at 8:00 a.m. UTC, offering investors an early opportunity to participate in and support the project. ShibaKeanu, backed by philanthropic founders, seeks to blend meme culture with digital finance, assigning a special role to Keanu Reeves in its mission to impact Web3 positively.

The project will issue a total of 888 trillion tokens, with 50% designated for Mr. Reeves to support charitable initiatives. These tokens will be transferred to him upon his engagement with the project, followed by a public announcement of the transfer. 

To promote project stability, a cap will be placed on the number of tokens Mr. Reeves can sell, set at a maximum of 5 trillion tokens per month, as outlined in the project’s whitepaper. As part of its deflationary strategy, taxes from buying and selling transactions will be directed to token burning, progressively reducing the circulating supply. Over time, the community will have the opportunity to influence the redirection of these taxes. ShibaKeanu stands as a decentralized, community-led initiative with transparent governance.

Project Milestones and Future Outlook

ShibaKeanu’s development follows a stage-based roadmap, achieving several key milestones, from initial concept development to implementation and beyond. The project has entered the marketing phase, devising an inclusive marketing strategy encompassing web development and collaboration with influencers across various social platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Currently, the focus is on enhancing community engagement and executing marketing initiatives to build momentum. The upcoming presale on March 25th precedes the official launch, with plans to leverage influencer marketing for broader project promotion. The team is committed to this project’s success, continuously working towards achieving its goals and maintaining active engagement with the community.

About ShibaKeanu

ShibaKeanu is a new BNB-based meme token that marries Shiba-influenced projects with the iconic character of Keanu Reeves. It boasts a total of 888 trillion tokens, with 444 trillion entrusted to Keanu Reeves for philanthropic efforts. This community-centric token features a voting mechanism allowing members to shape its trajectory. While not currently endorsed by Keanu Reeves, the team is exploring potential collaborations.

The presale on March 25th at 8:00 a.m. UTC presents an opportunity for investors to join this promising venture. With a deflationary model, ShibaKeanu aims to enhance token value for its holders by reducing the circulating supply over time.

Further information about ShibaKeanu’s achievements and plans can be found on its official website and social media platforms, offering insights into the project’s ongoing development and growth initiatives.

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