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Shiba Inu Primed For Huge Price Outburst After Shibarium Beta Bridge Goes Live For Public Testing

In a major development for the crypto community, Shibarium Beta Bridge has been launched for public testing, bringing Shibarium mainnet closer to launch.

The news, which was announced late Wednesday by LUCIE, Shiba Inu’s top marketing strategist, has been generating a wave of excitement among cryptocurrency enthusiasts as the revolutionary layer 2 solution inches closer.

Shibarium Beta Bridge has gone live for public testing! Be among the first to try out this revolutionary cross-chain solution,” wrote LUCIE on the X platform, formerly Twitter.

LUCIE, however, urged users to be cautious and verify authenticity before connecting their wallets to any website, emphasizing that they should not use their real assets during the testing phase. Instead, only faucets, which distribute small amounts of cryptocurrencies as rewards for easy tasks, should be used during testing.

The Shibarium interface displayed in the images shared by the pundit reveals that the layer two protocol will allow staking, enabling users to send and receive crypto assets on the Shibarium network. The protocol also includes a bridge that facilitates deposits and withdrawals between different networks. Additionally, users can test moving their assets from the Ethereum blockchain to Shibarium during the beta testing phase, although the process may take 20-30 minutes.

Reports from users who jumped into testing within an hour of the announcement indicated a successful and positive experience. Many testers expressed excitement and satisfaction with the Shibarium bridge, citing its security and ease of use.

The Shibarium bridge test is amazingly good, safe and easy to use, between Shibarium and Ethereum. It’s unbelievably great, especially the security, congratulations to the whole team and UnificationUND,” wrote one Shib enthusiast “Cryptolight.”

The team behind Shibarium has been dropping hints about the imminent mainnet launch of the layer 2 solution for the Shiba Inu network, further fueling anticipation in the crypto community.

Earlier this week, the team launched a YouTube channel for Shibarium and released a video highlighting some of the upcoming network’s benefits, including increased security, transparency, and improved decentralization for the ecosystem.

The video also sheds light on using the Shibarium bridge for cross-network deposits and withdrawals, as well as the ability to stake holdings and earn rewards on the network. Additionally, it revealed that the Ethereum (ETH) network and Shibarium would mint the same number of tokens, ensuring a seamless transition between the two networks.

However, despite the growing excitement, the exact launch date for Shibarium’s mainnet remains unknown. While speculation points to the upcoming Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto in August as a possible launch platform, the team has not made any official announcements yet.

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