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Ripple Win Will Drag US SEC To Settle, Hints XRP Lawyer

XRP Lawsuit: Ripple Labs and its executive fighting a legal battle against U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are optimistic of assured a win. However, U.S. District Judge Analisa Torres is yet to deliver a summary judgment in the XRP lawsuit and expectation of possible settlement from the commission side can be in the picture.

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Will There Be A Settlement In XRP Lawsuit?

XRP holders’ lawyer in the U.S. SEC Vs Ripple case, Attorney John Deaton dropped a hint about a settlement among both parties. He stated that there is a only chance for a settlement in the XRP lawsuit if Ripple scores a win here.

As per Deaton, a U.S. SEC win in the case will rule out all the chances for a settlement. It will be status quo as Ripple appeals. However, if Ripple secures a win here then there is the possibility that the Commission threatens to appeal for a settlement over the past sales. Read More XRP Lawsuit News Here…

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He added that chance of a Jury trial may occur in the XRP Lawsuit as Ripple has argued its fair notice defense is a jury question. Meanwhile, the SEC is fighting with the theory of all or nothing. It is possible that the District Judge could deny motions for summary judgment of both sides and ask them to prove it to a jury.

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