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Institutional Adoption to Propel Crypto Market Cap to $7.5 Trillion by 2025; Bernstein Analysts

Analysts at Bernstein have forecasted an impressive surge in the overall crypto market cap, reaching a remarkable $7.5 trillion by the culmination of 2025.

This growth trajectory is anticipated to be principally driven by the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems, fueled by an unparalleled rise in institutional adoption, as highlighted by the analysts at Bernstein and reported by Bloomberg.

Bernsteins Crypto Market Projections and Market Insights

Bernstein’s experts foresee a compelling threefold increase in the global cryptocurrency market capitalization, from today’s $2.4 trillion to a monumental $7.5 trillion by 2025.

Leading the charge in this expansion are key players in the field, with Bitcoin expected to hold a significant portion at $3 trillion, followed by the Ethereum ecosystem at $1.8 trillion, and other major blockchains such as Solana and AVAX contributing $1.4 trillion collectively. A noteworthy emphasis on blockchain gaming as the next big consumer application sheds light on evolving market trends.

Analysts Chhugani and Sapra also revealed their predictions for the burgeoning U.S. spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds, with assets under management projected to surge fivefold from the current $60 billion to an impressive $300 billion by 2025.

Additionally, the analysis introduced an optimistic outlook for Robinhood stock, expecting a rise with a price target of $30 – an 80% upside potential. The analysts foresee Robinhood capitalizing on the “crypto comeback arc,” with significant growth potential due to an envisaged substantial surge in crypto revenues over the 2024-2025 period.

Market Performance and Future Projections

Recent market indicators emphasize the robust performance of the stock and crypto trading app, with shares closing at $17.16, marking a nearly 5% daily gain and a 46% increase over the past month. The GM 30 Index mirrors this positive momentum, recording a 0.5% increase to 162.13 within the last 24 hours, reflecting the strong growth potential of the cryptocurrency market.

In anticipation of significant market movements, Bernstein analysts emphasized Bitcoin miners as the prime equity proxy to bitcoin, projecting an ultimate price target of $150,000 in the upcoming cycle.

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