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Google Bard AI Makes Surprising Price Prediction for Avalanche (AVAX)

One of the best performers in this recent altcoin surge is Avalanche (AVAX). AVAX has captured the attention of many with its remarkable increase of 276.88% since the beginning of 2023. Many people are wondering if Avalanche can trend even higher. The AI platform Google Bard has surprisingly bullish insights into AVAX’s potential trajectory.

AVAX’s Journey So Far

Avalanche’s impressive performance came from positive developments and strategic partnerships, including notable collaborations with industry giants such as AWS and BLRD. This surge comes as the market is experiencing renewed bullish momentum, with Bitcoin (BTC) breaking free from its support level and Ethereum (ETH) approaching new highs since early 2022.

AVAX has been gaining momentum since the start of November, and it’s one of the best-performing altcoins during this pump. It comes with a notable 82.33% growth in the past week alone, placing AVAX at $40.42 at the time of writing, with a 13.86% increase in the last 72 hours.

While AVAX’s current trajectory is undeniably impressive, most of its gains have materialized in the last few months, following a period of relative stagnation throughout much of 2023. Historical data suggests that AVAX oscillated between $9 and $16, with bullish sentiments evident in the spring and a more bearish trend prevailing in autumn.

Google Bard’s Unexpected Prediction

Turning our attention to Google Bard, the AI platform has provided an optimistic price prediction for Avalanche in 2024. Bard factors in various elements, such as recent positive news surrounding AVAX and its performance within the current market.

The AI analysis says that, despite opposing factors like market volatility and competition from other major smart contracts, Avalanche is likely to continue its growth as we enter the New Year. The AI suggests a price range of $55.51 to $63.38 for AVAX on January 1, 2024.

Yet, Bard is aware of the potential twists and turns in the crypto market. Acknowledging both the possibility of an extended bull run and a significant market correction, the AI envisions a bullish scenario where AVAX could surge as high as $73.93 or a bearish outcome, possibly seeing it dip to $44.32.

Google Bard certainly had interesting takes about Avalanche, and we’ll see whether they come to reality. The crypto market remains unpredictable, and investors will be keeping an eye on AVAX until 2024 and beyond, as it’s one of the most promising altcoins in crypto.

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