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Chooky Inu Soars to New Heights on Ethereum Blockchain, MTV Approval and Grand Plans Unveiled

Chooky Inu, the innovative Ethereum-based ecosystem that combines a music label and music streaming platform, is set to launch today at 9pm UTC, marking a monumental milestone in the world of crypto and music. Under the visionary leadership of ‘Papi,’ its CEO, Chooky Inu embarks on an audacious odyssey within the Ethereum network. This groundbreaking endeavor not only reshapes the way music royalties are distributed but also includes thrilling developments, including the approval of the Chooky Anthem for MTV broadcast.

MTV’s decision to approve the Chooky Anthem for broadcast marks a momentous achievement for Chooky Inu. Starting today, millions of viewers worldwide will be able to experience the Chooky Anthem video, featuring a highly respected artist with Spotify hits exceeding 500 million streams. Each Spotify stream translates into substantial royalties, ensuring a continuous income stream for Chooky Inu and its ecosystem holders. The Chooky team is excited to announce plans for numerous song releases, all featuring highly esteemed musicians, generating substantial external revenue for distribution to holders and contributing to token deflation through buybacks driven by royalties.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Chooky Inu has big plans for the future, including an aggressive marketing campaign. The company is set to make a splash with TV commercials, national radio commercials, and a major event sponsorship later this month. These initiatives are designed to bring unparalleled exposure to the Chooky Inu ecosystem and draw substantial attention to its groundbreaking innovations.

Chooky Inu’s innovative approach to music royalties and revenue sharing is set to revolutionize the music industry. NFT owners will enjoy a 10% royalty on songs released via the Chooky record label, with an additional 10% allocated for buying back and burning $CHOO tokens for each song release. With plans to drop up to 10 songs by year-end, featuring some of the industry’s brightest stars, Chooky Inu is committed to ensuring consistent passive earnings for holders and furthering token deflation through buybacks and burns.

As the Blockchain record label establishes itself, Chooky Inu intends to seamlessly integrate an advertising and subscription model into its existing free music streaming platform, ChooChoons. The revenue potential is astronomical, especially as user numbers swell, creating passive income opportunities for holders and enhancing the $CHOO token’s value.

The Chooky Inu ecosystem has already unveiled a host of exciting developments, including collaborations with a DC comic artist for Music royalty NFTs and a meme coin animation series in partnership with Squidgrow and Volt Inu.

As the crescendo of excitement builds, Chooky Inu is thrilled to announce its sponsorship of a major sporting event this month. Official details will be revealed shortly, but this event promises to be a spectacular showcase for the Chooky Inu Anthem Song, featuring their world-renowned hip-hop artist.

Papi, CEO of Chooky LLC (A United States Registered Corporation), expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “Get ready to ride the $CHOO $CHOO train! $CHOO is a royalty and revenue-sharing protocol the crypto world has never witnessed before. Chooky Inu possesses the perfect blend of team expertise, community support, and backing from a fusion of esteemed Web2 and Web3 entities. We’re ushering in an innovative ecosystem like no other, featuring physical assets and autographed NFTs through the Chooky Blockchain Record label and ChooChoons music streaming.”

For more information about Chooky Inu and to stay updated on their latest developments, visit their website at and follow them on Twitter at

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About Chooky Inu:

Chooky is an innovative Ethereum-based ecosystem comprising a music label and a music streaming platform. It introduces a unique royalty and revenue-sharing protocol, $CHOO, which stands as a beacon of innovation in the cryptocurrency space. Through autographed NFTs, Chooky offers NFT owners unprecedented royalties from songs released via their record label, with a portion allocated for buying back and burning $CHOO tokens. Chooky aims to revolutionize the music industry while providing consistent passive earnings for its ecosystem holders.

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