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Charles Hoskinson Shuts Down Claims That Cardano’s Game-Changing Hydra Upgrade Has Failed

Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson set the record straight about claims that the Hydra upgrade has major scaling issues in a recent video update. Here’s what Hoskinson had to say about Hydra, the tool that aims to speed up transaction times on Cardano.

Hoskinson Addresses Hydra Misinformation

Charles Hoskinson debunked some myths regarding Cardano’s inability to process transactions quickly by referencing data from

Hoskinson explained in a live recording post on X that transactions on the Cardano blockchain are innately different from many other networks. One transaction can contain numerous outputs; in one example examined by Hoskinson, a block included 384 outputs in a single transaction.

“Cardano is not a TPS system. It’s a transaction-per-transaction system, and each of these outputs can signify more intricate elements such as scripts and proofs, beyond mere raw value transfers,” the Cardano founder explained.

Hoskinson then shared a chart showing 1,000 transactions per second (TPS) to highlight Cardano’s throughput capacity. According to him, the metric proves Hydra is intact and has not encountered any glitches to justify the misinformation being spread around.

Hoskinson also emphasized that the role of the Hydra scaling tool had morphed over time. He revealed that rather than just maximizing TPS, the project is now endeavouring to develop a middleware enabling developers to build sophisticated decentralized applications (dApps) that are live on the main Cardano chain.

Cardano’s Future Remains Promising

That said, Hoskinson urged the Cardano community to stay alert and fact-check false information about Cardano’s ambitious layer-2 scalability solution.

“Every time a lie is said, it takes 10 times as much effort to undo that in people’s memory. So, when people run around and say Hydra’s failed, we lied about Hydra, there’s no way to achieve any of these performance claims…then what they’re really doing is they’re taking the hard work of dozens of people and everybody building on it…it’s not okay and it’s not fair and it has to stop.”

Hoskinson reiterated that Cardano is a credible project thanks to rigorous research, peer-reviewed foundations, and a global tapestry of contributors. He stressed that Cardano’s future remains bright, with continued efforts to grow the ecosystem and create cutting-edge solutions.

Yet, from a purely price-performance standpoint, Hydra and other major network upgrades like Vasil and Alonzo have not been able to do much in terms of propelling ADA’s value, with the currency trading 91.50% down from its September 2021 all-time high.

Despite the price action of ADA continuing to remain quite lacklustre, the fact that the Cardano ecosystem has made remarkable strides over the past year or so shows that the project seems poised for great things in the foreseeable future.

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