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Cardano’s Hoskinson and XRP Community Clash Over Accusations and Conspiracy Claims

In a recent turn of events within the cryptocurrency sphere, Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Cardano (ADA), found himself embroiled in a heated clash with members of the XRP community.

This altercation ensued after Hoskinson hosted an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session on his YouTube channel, where he expressed his disappointment with the treatment of cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin (BTC).

XRP Community Accusations and Allegations

The catalyst for this uproar stemmed from a user identified as Mr. Huber, who levied accusations of hypocrisy against Hoskinson. Mr Huber highlighted Hoskinson’s alleged past actions aimed at discrediting the XRP community.

The user referenced specific instances, including links to videos in which Hoskinson engaged in discussions with YouTubers like BitBoy Crypto and openly criticized the XRP community, accusing them of spreading conspiracy theories and harassing him.

According to Mr. Huber’s assertions on X (formerly Twitter), Hoskinson had, for a duration of two years, engaged in actions to ridicule and embarrass the XRP community publicly.

Mr. Huber contended that despite Hoskinson extending an olive branch and suggesting peace, the Cardano pioneer seemingly reverted to branding the XRP community as “crazy conspiracy theorists” once again, drawing ire from XRP enthusiasts.

Moreover, Mr. Huber accused Hoskinson of assisting in the alleged trivialization and cover-up of corruption purportedly involving Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Joseph Lubin. This accusation was juxtaposed with Hoskinson’s purported attempts to bring clarity to Cardano.

Additionally, Mr. Huber expressed his frustration, saying that despite advocating for the issue, Hoskinson was now depressed about the likelihood of addressing it.

Charles Hoskinson’s Response and Defense

Responding swiftly to the allegations, Hoskinson rebuffed the accusations levelled against him by the XRP community. He denied allegations that he was involved in Lubin’s defamation and clarified that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had granted Lubin a free pass, not that he had committed bribery.

Hoskinson further pointed out that the accuser failed to produce any evidence supporting claims of ConsenSys bribing the SEC to target XRP. He emphasized that accusations of grand conspiracies were unfounded and reiterated that the harassment he faced from the XRP community was unwarranted.

This recent clash reignites past tensions between Hoskinson and the XRP community. In December 2022, Hoskinson declared his decision to refrain from discussing Ripple’s blockchain company and the XRP token due to the community’s accusations of siding with the SEC during Ripple’s legal standoff.

Cardano ADA Market Update

ADA/USDT chart, source: TradingView

Amidst these contentious exchanges, Cardano’s ADA token faced fluctuations in the market. At the time of reporting, it traded at $0.3724, experiencing a 2.57% decrease within 24 hours and a 1.81% decrease over the past week. However, ADA managed to secure a 23.26% gain over the preceding month, as of November 30.

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