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Cardano Creator Proposes Game-Changing Bitcoin Cash Integration To Boost Functionality: Details

In an unexpected turn of events in the crypto community, the creator of the Cardano network and CEO of IOG (Input Output Global) has recently expressed an interest in Bitcoin offshoot, Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Charles Hoskinson posted a “hypothetical poll” on the X social media platform, raising the possibility of a Cardano and Bitcoin Cash integration. 

Hoskinson’s Vision: Making Bitcoin Cash A Cardano Partnerchain

Charles Hoskinson recently conducted a “hypothetical poll” on the X microblogging site, asking his followers whether they would like to see Bitcoin Cash turn into a Cardano “partnerchain” with enhanced capabilities.

Hoskinson posited that his proposed integration would upgrade Bitcoin Cash with “Useful Proof of Work Leios, NiPoPoWs, and Ergo tech.” The Cardano creator also claimed that the potential partnership would make Bitcoin Cash the “fastest and most useful proof of work chain (PoW) ever built.”

The poll has received more than 15,576 votes at press time, with 68.9% of the users voting “Yes” to the proposal.

The founder and CTO of blockchain company Biggest Lab, Ben Scherrey, endorses the move, revealing he has always “thought there was some natural synergy between the two chains given the shared UTXO model that allows for high scalability and decentralization.” 

That being said, even if Cardano and BCH development teams agree on the technical elements of the alliance, there would still need to be a consensus among stakeholders and core developers before any concrete partnership is formed.

2 Major Cardano Upgrades Ahead

Hoskinson’s proposal comes as Cardano, the 11th-largest cryptocurrency by market value, is set to undergo major updates and improvements.

The first is the Chang hard fork, seen as one of the network’s biggest hard forks since the 2022 Vasil upgrade and slated for the second quarter of this year. Chang will introduce community-run governance to the blockchain by allowing on-chain community consensus and letting Cardano’s ADA holders vote on proposals using their tokens.

The other much-awaited upgrade is Ouroboros Leios. As ZyCrypto reported previously, Ouroboros Leios is a new version of the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus model, which promises to increase throughput, scalability, and transaction speed on Cardano while maintaining its current level of decentralization.

ADA prices have been sluggish this year and have dropped slightly since the start of 2024.

The token was trading up 4.7% over the past seven days at $0.4506 at the time of writing. But it is down 85.4% from its September 2021 all-time high of $3.09, according to CoinGecko.

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